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ATB Rides

ATB stands for All Terrain Bikes.  These “fat tire” bikes work well riding on natural terrain.  These are the Mountain Bikes or MTBs of cycling.  We occasionally schedule some easier ATB rides where hybrid bikes are also fine for riding off-road, but the tire width should be at least 1-1/2 inches wide (36 mm). 

We ride off-road, and that means off-pavement.  We like to ride in the woods and the wilderness.  We enjoy windy single-track trails that flow through the natural landscape although sometimes we’ll ride on the jeep double-track trails.  Some of our rides are very easy social-type riding, while others can be very challenging with technical features like roots, rocks, log jumps, narrow passages and elevation changes. 

The places in the Central Florida we ride are the Little Big Econ State Forest (Geneva), Santos Greenway (Belleview), Seminole Environmental Center (also known as Soldiers Creek), Hal Scott Preserve, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Croom, Mount Dora, Spruce Creek, Orlando Wetlands Park, and any other locations suitable for off-road bike riding. 

We are always welcoming new riders to this fun and exciting type of cycling.  We stay together in the woods and help each other in case of any problems (flats, etc.).  We enjoy developing new riders, and we often have picnic rides to spend time together socializing afterwards and share our stories of the trail. 

Come on out and enjoy the trails with us!  The more the merrier!