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Adopt-a-Road Picnic Ride on Saturday, May 10th and Request for Help

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06 May 2014 20:07 #103 by Mike Orlovsky
We will hold our first Florida Freewheeler Adopt-a-Road Ride on Saturday, May 10th starting at 8 AM. The route map is Up-and-Down Lake County. It will be an absolutely gorgeous day to ride.

A personal request for help …

A personal issue has come up and I will be out of commission starting on Wednesday afternoon and likely through Saturday morning.

I will need a back up to help step up and cover the picnic ride for me. To split up the duties, I need three people to step up and help out:

(1) One person to set up/take down the signs, handle the vests, and count the trash bags. Pick up the signs at the locker and return to locker. Since they were at the locker, they could also pick up paper plates, napkins, and forks at the locker. This person would also bring 50 copies of the Up-and-down Lake County map.

(2) One person to order the ring leader subs at Publix on Friday and then pick them up on Saturday and bring them to the ride. This person could also pick up vegi trays, fruit trays, chips and cookies at Sam's Club. [** Nancy M has volunteered to do this! Thank you Nancy!]

(3) One person to pick up water, diet soda, and regular soda and bring to ride in coolers and on ice. One full flat of water and 36 cans each of regular and diet sodas. I do have coolers and soda in my garage I was planning on using. I could pack them Friday but will not be able to lift them.

Please email me and let me know if you can help out. Thanks!

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